Turn your photos to Notes in Notion

All photos & screenshots from your classes, meetings, and whiteboards can be converted into well-structure text notes and saved in your Notion workspace.

Sync notes to Notion workspace automatically

Setup the Auto Sync with Notion

Make notes from your photos and sync them to your Notion workspace automatically.

Connect with Notion

Click the Connect Notion Button, Then select the pages that you want to sync notes into them.

Click the Connect Notion Button and select pages for syncing notes

Turn on the Auto Sync

Click the Turn on Sync button, then select a destination page in Notion. Then, all of your new notes will be synced into the selected page as a subpage.

Clicking the Turn on Sync button and select a destination page in Notion

Upload your photos

Switch to the workspace in Photes.IO, then create notebooks, and upload your photos to generate notes in PC or your phone. You can see the generated notes in Notion at your selected page.

Uploading image and see the note generated from the image in notion

Automate note taking from what you see

Convert your photos into notes.

Took a lot of photos for notes but never check them back? Use photes.io to turn those images to knowledge with a few clicks.

Powered by GPT4 Vision

Based on GPT4 vision, Photes.io can understand your images, even they contains complex inforgraphics, making notes focus on key points, not just pure text extraction.


You can custom how notes generated from the image in our settings page by just changing some options.

Images to knowledge

When you created lots of notes from images, you can use a chatbot with knowledge base of your notes to get information from your notes.

Try the Photes.io Now

Effortlessly Manage and Enhance Your Notes with Images, and make your notes more informative and visually.

Frequently asked questions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, email our support team and someone will get back to you.

    • Do I need to register an account to use the feature?

      Yes, you need to register an account to use the feature.

    • What types of files can I upload and generate notes?

      You can upload image in jpg, png, gif, and webp format.

    • How do I manage my subscription?

      You can manage your subscription in the account settings page or the subscription page.

    • What's the limit of the free plan?

      In the free plan, you can generate 2 - 3 notes per month to see how the plugin works. If you need more notes, you can upgrade to the Pro plan.

    • What are the benefits of upgrading to the Pro plan?

      If you upgrade to the Pro plan, you will gain 2000 credits per month, which allows you to generate about 200 notes. (varies by image size)

    • How is my data stored and secured in the cloud?

      When you generate a note from photo, the photo will be send to our server and processed. The image is although publicly accessible, but it has a unique URL and hard to guess.

    • Why is my image publicly accessible?

      When syncing your notes to Notion, the image URL is needed to be publicly accessible to show the image in Notion. Since the URL is unique and hard to guess, your image is safe unless you share the url with others.